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A magician is one such profession that won’t go out of business anytime soon. Magicians create a fun environment at any event that he/she is hired to. But the pandemic that started in 2020 forced each profession to adapt to the virtual world where human connection became easy without stepping a foot out of the house.

Even magicians started performing online where the audience came in numbers of hundreds and thousands. We all are aware of how the pandemic affected the lives of some people; financially and mentally. We all needed someone who could make us laugh and entertain us in such a gloomy and sad environment.

Magicians made that possible. Though they could not conduct live shows and people could not see them perform in real life, magicians shifted to the online platform. Now you may wonder how does a magician performs virtually? And most importantly, what kinds of tricks does he/she show? But the most important question and the foremost question is how much does a virtual magician cost?

Because let’s be honest, the cost of any service and product matters the most to us. Without having the knowledge about the cost of any service be it a magician or plumber, one cannot hire anyone. In the case of a magician, the cost differs as per the service. For a magician, there are different criteria like audience-based, whether the party is public or private, or is it a corporate event.


The first criterion is a private party like a birthday party or a social gathering. These events have a maximum of 10 to 20 people that makes the event somewhat private. These shows last for about 30 to 45 mins where the audience is less so that the magician performs for more time. So it is not uncommon for the magician to cost around 100 to 500 Euros. But again it also differs on the number of people.

The next criterion is a public event. But this criteria does not include corporate shows. These events are ticket-based that range 10 Euros on the lowest and 35 Euros on the maximum. Some shows even cost 50 Euros depending on the magician and the number of people that would buy a ticket to the show.

The last criteria that we have are corporate events. Now corporate events are scheduled by certain companies for their employees. The cost of the events varies from person to person. This means that if the number of people who attend the show is higher, then the cost is also higher. But if the number of people is less, then the cost of the show is also less, as no one would want to waste their resources on fewer people.

These were some criteria for different costs of hiring a virtual magician in London. One should always figure out what kind of event they are planning and hire a magician accordingly! If you are planning to hire a magician in Manchester, check out