Simple Ways to Dispose of Organic Waste
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By now, I think most people know what recycling is and why one should dump soda cans and clean paper in recycling bins instead of trash cans. But, do you know that organic wastes can also be harmful to the environment when they are landfilled. Hence, it’s our responsibility to dispose of organic wastes in an environmentally friendly manner. This article will guide you and tell you some simple ways to dispose of organic wastes. Read on!

Organic Wastes

Organic Waste

Organic wastes are those materials that come from plants or animals and are biodegradable. Any material that you can put in the compost bin is called organic waste. Since organic waste is biodegradable, it will break down over time. This biodegrading process generates a generous amount of methane gas, significant greenhouse gas, and contributing to climate change. And so, keeping these materials out of landfills is vital to protect human health. That is why it is said that organic wastes should be managed carefully. Some of the ordinary organic wastes are

  • leftover food
  • eggshells, coffee grounds, and other food byproducts
  • fallen leaves, branches, weeds, flowers, and landscape debris
  • pet food
  • livestock manure
  • paper plates, boxes, and another paper packaging.
  • untreated woods and toothpicks.

How To Dispose of Organic wastes?

How to Dispose of organic Waste

Composting and conversion are the most common methods to dispose of organic wastes safely. Through composting, the organic wastes break down into simpler forms and become nutrient-rich fertilizers.

However, it’s not practical to maintain your compost because it requires plenty of space if you are or are not willing to do the composting. So you can hire professionals to remove your rubbish that will collect organic wastes for composting, which will save your time and money. Food wastes can also be transformed into energy through the anaerobic digestion process. In this process, the trash is deprived of oxygen. In the absence of oxygen, anaerobic bacterias break down the organic waste and thus creating a renewable energy source popularly known as biogas. To do so, one option is to contact the local recycling company, and another option is to hire rubbish removal professionals that will do the job for you.

If you have a garden, you can use the organic waste to enrich your garden’s soil. This will be an excellent benefit for you as organic wastes will help with water retention, and so the soil will absorb and retain moisture. In addition to that, organic waste will also provide vital nutrients to your garden soil so that the plants grow optimally. But keep note that you have to plant the organic wastes deep into the soil. I mean, simply spreading vegetable peels in your garden will not help you to enrich your garden soil. At last, you can perform the above given environment-friendly techniques to get rid of organic wastes. We hope that through this article, you have learned some simple ways to dispose of organic wastes.