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If you have ever been in a position where a burglar breaks into your house, you know how terrifying the whole experience can be. It is an experience that you never want to go through again. However, if it happens again, what will you do?

  • First things first, come up with a quick plan. If you have another way out that you can use without the intruder knowing, this is your perfect chance to escape and go get help. However, you need to be extremely quiet so that the intruder doesn’t know that you are awake and try to harm you further.
  • If it’s possible, try to listen carefully how many people are there. Also find out what their intentions are. Don’t talk to your spouse or your children. Be as silence as it can get. Once you are sure about the number, don’t try to leave your bedroom with a flashlight or baseball bat. This may cause more harm as the intruder may react violently.
  • If there is no way out, get to a safe place such as a closet with a strong door. Inform the authorities of the intruder in your home from your safe hiding place. If you don’t have a safe closet, gather all the family members together in a room with strong locks and barricade the door with extra furniture and any other heavy objects. Call the police and give them your address and the situation you are in. Be as specific as possible as locksmith Wimbledon by ITCC Locksmiths in London.


When you sense an intruder in your house, the first thing you need to do is to ensure the safety of your family. Do not try to engage the intruder before finding out the situation on the ground.

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