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It’s therefore no surprise that many people simply don’t like moving into new apartments. But moving doesn’t have to suck. It can be a stress free activity once you get organized.

Inform Your Family Members in Advance

Depending on your size family, one of the first things to do when you are planning to move is to inform your family members. Tell them when you are moving, to which area and what they need to do to facilitate the move; this will make moving a lot easier.

Have a Checklist of Moving Items

While moving house, there is usually a high risk of forgetting to load certain items including, differentiating what will be moving and what will not. With a checklist at hand, you will be able to offset this by accounting for every item that you intend to move and moreover, safeguard your valuable household items from being destroyed. Fragile items for instance, can be placed in one corner of your house to avoid any packaging and delivery accidents. You may also have a lot of waste to dispose of. You may need the assistance of a local rubbish removal company to assist you and dispose of everything correctly.


Secondly, drawing up a checklist provides you with a good basis for identifying and setting your moving priorities. The item checklists will tell you where you are supposed to start packing; from the most important rooms first (bedroom…), then proceeding to the other rooms.


  • Contact a Credible Moving Company

Moving to your new home can be easy as long as you choose the right moving company. A removal company will provide a variety of services that include packaging, house cleaning and so on. To be safe, choose a company that is experienced at moving and is licenced.


When moving it is important to consider some of the above steps including informing your landlord on the date and time you intend to move in.