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Some years ago, having a home office space was regarded by many as a luxury. How things change, today, a home office space is a must have whether in the form of a dedicated room, study space at the corner, a comfy desk your kids can use in their rooms when doing homework; the examples are numerous. If youre looking to design a functional home office that blends in with your space, its important you invest in the right furniture pieces that combine functionality, superb aesthetics, comfort, and durability.

Fitted-Furniture-Supplier-Metro-WardrobesMetro Wardrobes is your professional partner in that area, we are a leading home office furniture designer and manufacturer. Whether youre looking to work in the office space daily, or wish to share the space with a friend of family member, Metro Wardrobes has a wealth of professional experience to help design a customized set of furniture pieces just for your space. You see, its a misconception with most people to assume that a home office space must be located in the bedroom, on one corner. This is on the wrong assumption that once youre tired from reading or working, youll just jump into bed. Wrong! In fact, a good interior designer will tell you that home office space should be inspiring; it should be conspicuous from the rest of the house. It could be anywhere, in the basement; it could be that tight space under stairs, or even in the living room.

How To Consider The Location Of Your Home Office Space;

The very first thing youll need to do is to determine a perfect location for the home office space. Whats the nature of your work, or whats your intended working style? Are you alone in the house, or do you share it with others? If you wish to be working at night on your PC or laptop and your wife or child are in the same room, youll want to set the office in an alternative room so you wont disturb them when typing at night. If you require total privacy and quietness when working, a loft, garage, or garden conversion would be an ideal option. Like we said, our professional team here at Metro Wardrobes is able to design home office furniture pieces and customize them to suit your individual space and personal preferences.

Getting The Right Furniture For Your Home Office;

Our office furniture includes original and stylish office desks and seats, drawers and cabinets, tambours, even shelves. Its important you try to have the furniture blend in with the rest of the interior dcor. For instance, a nice designer contemporary chair and a matching mahogany desk will blend in more easily, than a steel revolving chair commonly used in typical offices. Here, the trick lies in carefully blending functionality and style. You want the work space furniture to be as comfortable as possible in case you have to sit and work for long hours; but also, you want furniture that fits in with the rest of the dcor so flawlessly a visitor would think everything was designed that way from the beginning.

Why Metro Wardrobes?

We have been designing and manufacturing high quality home and office furniture, our items have warranties of up to 10 years. Youre most welcome to pass by our London workshop that also doubles up as our showroom; here youll meet our Metro home office furniture experts to guide you going forward. Our customized home office desks can be measured to any size, shape or dimension, complete with adjacent shelves where you can neatly arrange your books, files and other stationery. A few drawers on either sides of the desk can also be added for maximum storage space, complete with high quality gold coated aluminum or steel handles. For the office chair, we like to that believe that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. Our collection includes carefully handcrafted oriental, contemporary, and modern furniture designs, very stylish.

For a spacious home office where the rooms are vast enough and you wish to put up a work station that can support multiple users; you could consider having wall benches as is done in Cyber Cafes. This is more preferable than having multiple desks and chairs crammed into the room. Productivity and privacy are a factor where multiple users are involved, be they friends, family, or whoever. If you want everyone to concentrate and enjoy their own privacy when working or reading, our Metro reading benches are made of high quality wood with the latest finishing, we can paint or finish them as per your tastes/preferences. We can also partition the space between different users, each nook or booth complete with lighting accessories.

When getting furniture for your kids home work station, its important that that you get your measurements right. Feel most welcome to contact us on 0203 488 3347, well be glad to speak to you. Our prices are very affordable and we can deliver our home office furniture anywhere around England.