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The lighting in your home is important as it not only an essential need but it can also create certain moods for different occasions.

home lighting

Natural light is great as it brightens the room if you have big enough windows, but during the winter months and evenings if you can control the lighting to suit your mood it would be a great benefit to you home and make it more inviting.

The way that your lighting is set out really will make a difference and you should consider carefully how to best place it.

interior lighting

There are many types of bulbs available and different lighting systems from a variety of companies.

There are three different types of lighting effects that you can consider. These are task lighting, ambient lighting and accent lighting.

Task lighting is very bright enabling you to see everything clearly and it is fixed in one place. This is especially useful if you need to concentrate on something and this is very useful in a kitchen when chopping or cutting.

Ambient lighting is used when you want to create the effect of natural light. This is one of the most basic of systems.

Accent lighting is not used as functional lighting and is primarily a way of highlighting  a certain peice of furniture or ornament to maybe add a dramatic effect.

To find a lighting design company in london you should take your search online to see what is available.