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Nunzio Prenna is a professional local photographer who has made a name for himself through the awesome pictures he takes of London. He is well known for his great architectural photos, head shots, fashion shoots, interior photography, cooperate head shots among many more. His work is well known worldwide and he keeps on amazing people through the pictures he takes. If you are a starting photographer, you would gain a lot of experience and photography knowledge from Nunzio Prenna’s work. His work is very simple and yet captivating and eye capturing.  There are different things you can gain from Nunzio Prenna as a person who is trying to make it in the photography industry.

  • History

    Nunzio Prenna did not study photography but instead had a passion for it. He was motivated to put his love for London in pictures and that is what he did. With every picture he took, he gained experience and knowledge in taking good photos. He never started out as a professional photographer but instead worked his way up the ladder. He does not do photography as a profession but as something that he loves and relaxes him. If you are looking to become a professional like Nunzio Prenna it is good to be driven by passion.

  • Photography

    Nunzio Prenna is a diverse photographer because he does not only focus on

    one type of photography. His exposure in different types of photography has helped him in his photography career. He has been able to master taking different types of shoots that look incredible. This is however a very difficult thing for a photographer because it means being a professional in all types of shoots you do.

  • Exposure

    working with Nunzio Prenna will expose you to a lot of experience. Nunzio Prenna is a passionate photographer who loves what he does. He requires one to be motivated and have love for photography in order to be able to work with them. Nunzio has good experience and exposure in photography which can help other starters to rise and be better in their work.

  • Experience

    Nunzio Prenna has experience in taking fashion shots, architectural pictures, interior shoots, head shots, commercial shots and many more. Gaining the experience to do different photography requires time, patience and the zeal to understand photography.


Nunzio Prenna can offer the best experience for photographers.