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Having quality mobile connectivity is everybody’s greatest desire. However, this can be a great challenge in areas like parking lots, tunnels, big stores, office buildings, cars, boats and houses in remote areas. Quality mobile connectivity can also be a huge challenge after moving into a new flat, new office or even a summer cottage. In such new spaces, you may find out that your mobile signal is too weak to make any calls effectively. There are usually different mobile phone signal boosters, depending on your provider. EE mobile signal booster is just one of them. If you are suffering from low mobile connectivity, then EE boosters are the way to go if your provider is EE. An EE mobile phone signal booster will ensure that you don’t miss any calls/ messages even when there is a low network.

EE mobile signal booster

Poor mobile signal problems may be a result of a huge distance from a mobile tower, being around so many high buildings and large sizes of a house where the signal becomes weak in certain parts of the house. A signal booster should not be more than 35 km from a nearby tower.

An EE mobile signal booster requires accessories such as;

  • Lightning protection- lightning protection makes sure that the signal booster system is not damaged when lightning strikes the outside antennae. This accessory comes in handy for people living in thunderstorm prone areas.
  • Cables- additional cables help you connect to your mobile repeater. Various types of cables are available on amazon.
  • Splitters- these are normally used if the signal booster is required to serve more than one room.
  • Outdoor antennas.
  • Indoor

Both antennas send a poor signal to the mobile phone signal booster which in turn sends back a stronger signal after amplification.

Best Mobile Signal in UK

EE mobile signal boosters serve all kinds of spaces including;

  • Small buildings – up to 3300 square feet.
  • Medium buildings- 3300-6000 square feet.
  • Large buildings- 6000- 32,300 square feet.
  • Vehicles and boats.

When choosing a mobile phone signal booster, it is important to consider coverage, capacity, DBS, frequency types. To choose a perfect mobile phone signal booster, go through the buyer’s guide page or read various manuals. Installing an EE mobile phone signal booster is easy. It does not require any professional knowledge.

For any assistance, contact us through email support@mobile-signal-boosters.co.uk. Our team of professionals ensures that you get the best mobile signal solution.