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Do you often feel restricted in doing daily chores? Have you started to feel less comfortable in the body type you have? Do you think only a workout regime and controlled diet are doing you no good? If the answer to all these questions falls towards a yes, then worry not. We have got you our guide tolosing weight with a glass of apple juice.

‘An apple day keeps the doctor away’ is now renewed to ‘An apple day keeps the stress of losing weight at the bay’. Apple juice is a good alternative for losing weight altogether. To achieve the body of your dreams, you must realize that relentlessly working out won’t do you one good. Along with a full-proof workout routine, you must control your diet inhibitions. It e\means eating everything but in a balanced way, the true sense of a balanced diet. And along with a workout routine and a balanced diet, have a glass of apple juice.

Apple is a medically benefited fruit and also satisfies one’s taste buds. So apple juice is not only a glass full of nutrition but also candy for the health-conscious club.

Reasons to have apple juice regularly

Here’s why you should make it a habit to have apple juice regularly-

Hydration expertise

Hydration Expertise

Apple is a fruit that can keep you hydrated even when summers fire in your environment. A glass of apple juice is not only tangy but also has 88% water content. In severe cases of dehydration, many doctors advise gulping a glass of apple juice as a foremost treatment.



Have you ever heard that a shop had run out of apples because it’s not “the apple season”? Apple is a fit for every weather and is available all year. So whenever you wish to have an apple juice take a stroll down to your nearest store and grab one apple. Workout and nutrients altogether in just one go!

Full of plant compounds

Vegan gang, Apple has your requisites for detox after a workout in just a jiffy. Apple is a plant compound fruit. Losing weight means being healthy, and a plant compound such as apple will help you restore your health. Remember to not peel off the apple to vary out the main nutrients while preparing a glass of apple juice.

Keeps heart rate at par

Keeps heart rate at Par

No, this does not mean that your heart will forever be healthy and you will not have a heart- attack. A glass of apple juice makes no such promises. But yes, Apple is a fruit that helps regulate the heart rate. The hidden fact is that the consumption of apples should be larger than that of cholesterol to help keep your heart rate in check.


Many believe that an apple loses its fibre content when turned into juice. Yes, it is true when you peel off the apple. People also have a consensus that the downside to apple is that it is rich in sugar. It is also low in vitamins and minerals and may cause weight gain for some. Well, an apple is not a miracle fruit. If you’re willing to have a glass of apple juice, you will have to cut down the external sugar content.

Thus, apple juice is a remedy for those who practice workouts and a balanced diet for a long time. For the novice in the weight-loss era, here’s a guide that can help you out –Geeks Health | Ikaria lean belly juice Consumer reports before opting for a regular apple juice diet.