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ARmember is a wordpress plugin used for membership sites. Its a complete bundle for creating a membership system without having a knowledge of programming.

Its an all in one plugin means if you are using it for you membership site then for different purposes you wouldnt be need to install different plugins because ARmember plugin provides all the services what a membership plugin needs to have.

It has one the most amazing features name add-ons which allows you to expand the features of ARmember plugin.

Means it allows you to install add-ons in ARmember plugin in the same way how chrome browser allows you to install add-ons.

And today in this article I am going to share some of the ARmember add-ons so that you can use while working on your membership site.

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Lets begin

Add-ons for ARmember plugin

Direct login with ARmember

Direct login with ARmember add-ons allows you to login into your account without username and password.

Here is how it works

It allows you to create a temporary link and when somebody will run that link he will automatically logged-in into the account without entering the username and password.

It allows you to set the time duration for validation of that link.

This add-on is available for free.

ARmember affiliate

ARmember affiliate allows you to run your own affiliate program for your products.

And when somebody subscribe your membership plan ARmember Affiliate add-ons will check whether the member came from the affiliate link or a normal link.

And if it got a member came from the affiliate link then first it will give the commission to the affiliate from the plan a member has subscribed.

This plugin allows to run your own affiliate program. Means it allows you to create and reward to your affiliate for referring your website to other users.

To buy ARmember affiliate add-on you have to spend $35.

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ARmember Social community

ARmember social community is one of the finest add-on available which provides you a complete social media platform.

It allows users to create a stunning profile, send/receive friend request to each other, communicate with each other, can keep a track of each other etc.

But the plugin is not free, to buy this plugin you have to spend $30.

Digital download

While working on a big project there is a maximum chances that you will need to access files from different sources.

And digital download makes this task easier, it allows you to upload various kind of files or you can download the files by just setting up the link of the file.

Using this plugin you can create a short code for downloaded file and whenever you need that file just put the short code of that file and automatically it will download that file.

So, these are the some add-ons which I have discussed above are available in the ARmember plugins but along with that there are some third party add-ons are also available which you can use with ARmember plugins.

Active campaign, Conrnerstone, AffiliateWPMollie, Infusionsoft, Affiliate pro, Paypal pro, Pagseguro, Woocommerce are the some third party add-ons.


Lets wrap up

ARmember provides the features of installing some addition add-ons to expand the features of this plugin.

Above I have discussed some of those useful add-ons, go and check out all of them if you have a membership site.

armember plugin

Add-ons for ARmember plugin

Direct login with ARmember

Affiliate ARmember

ARmember community

Digital download

Active campaign





Affiliate pro

Paypal pro